Wings of Song


September 2016

Welcome All:  Welcome new and returning singers to the fall/holiday session of Wings of Song.  This year the 2016-17 Concert Season’s theme is, “Sing & Celebrate!”  The final performance of this fall session will be the Singers Marin’s 21stannual holiday concert at the Marin Center Veterans’ Memorial auditorium on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 18, 4:00 PM, “Tis the Season… Traditions Near and Far!”   Prior to that concert, there will be several performances in retirement homes and for the community.

Notes to Singers:  I hope to update these notes regularly in (mostly) weekly emails, with any additional new notices highlighted in yellow.  The intention is for these notes to also be available on line and (hopefully) updated regularly.  There is a dropdown menu on the homepage called:  Singers Notes – which will take you to a list of the choruses.  Just click on Wings of Song to read the notes. (This could be changing soon, as we are updating our website – but currently, that is how you can find them.)

Reminder to Check the Attendance Sheet:  There is an attendance sheet sitting to the left as you walk in the front door.  Please check off your name as you arrive for rehearsal each week.

Notice of Absence Slips:  Please fill out a “Notice of Advanced Absence” slip when you know you will be missing a rehearsal or performance.  Thanks.

Music CDs:  The rehearsal CD of your voice part is intended to help you learn your part on your own.  Listen frequently, even when you don’t have the music in front of you, as you will become familiar with the sound of your part, and when hearing it in rehearsal, it will come much more easily.  

A Lyric Change:  In the Jingle all the Way Medley, I have changed the words for “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” to be the ones we already know:  “Good tidings we bring to you and your kin.”

New member Wardrobe:  During the first rehearsal, all new members will be measured for their concert wardrobe.  The cost of each piece:  Skirts - $35, Jacket - $51, Camisole - $52.  Total wardrobe:  $140 + tax or $151.90. Please add an extra $10 for 2X sizes.
WOS T-shirts:  Morning performances at the senior centers will require wearing the blue Wings of Song T-shirt. Nancy Seitas will be asking you for your size, and the style you wish to purchase. The cost is $17.28, for any style.   (XXL shirts will cost an additional $2 more.)

Volunteer Job Descriptions:  If everyone performs just one small task, running the operations of this chorus will flow very smoothly.  A sign-up sheet will be passed around during the first several weeks of rehearsal.  I’ve attached a copy of the sign-up sheet for you to look at and consider what position you  might enjoy doing.  Thank you so much for your help.  

Senior Fair Performance Opportunity:  We have been invited once again to perform  to perform for the Senior Fair on Wednesday morning, October 26, 10:30 AM.  (There will be no regular rehearsal that morning).  We will be performing repertoire from last spring’s concert.  Please let us know if you can make it.

Sign-up for eScrip!:   We would love to have 100% participation in this amazing donation program.  Signing up is relatively easy, but if you need help, call the office and we will walk you through the process.  Our ID# is:  3376093.  Every time you shop for groceries at Woodlands Market, and Molly Stones, a percentage of your purchase will go to Singers Marin, or shop at Pharmica, or Macy’s and other vendors, a portion of your purchase goes to Singers Marin.  Please check it out.

Do You Shop Amazon?:  They have a program called AmazonSmile, where Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organizations selected by the customer.  Here is the link that will go directly to in support of Singers Marin (aka Choral Singers of Marin):

Another Vendor that Supports Us!:   If you shop Mill Valley Market for your groceries, they have their own donation program.  At check out, tell them you want your donation to go to Singers Marin.  Our number is #7051.  A list is there at the check-out counter.  We appreciate your support.

Icelandic Tour in 2017:  Please join us for our concert tour of Iceland, April 17 – 25, 2017. (called one of the most magical places on earth!)  This is going to be one amazing time.  Friends and spouses are invited to come along.  The next payment of $600 is due Nov. 30th.  The full itinerary is on the website, as well as in print form.  Please pick up a copy.