Adding Newsletters

A Bit of Background

Newsletter listings are menu options that point to a URL. Menus have parent items, Child Items, Grand Child Items, etc. Child and Gand Child  are drop down items from their parent. IThe main menu is configured such that only Parent and Child items are shown.  The Newsletters are on a seperate menu called Newsletters, there are two levels on the Newsletter Menu the Parent item is the year and the child items are the month.

So how does one enter a new Newsletter item?  Note: If you are starting a new year click here. From the Administrator back end select Menus/Newlsletter/Add New Menu item. Enter the month of the newsletter i.e. June.  Normally we let Joomla figure out what the menu item alias is but in this case we need to help Joomla as Joomla will complain that there is already a " June" menu item (from previous years) so fill in the alias as "jun<yy> (month all lower, case year), for example jun14.

For Menu item type select Wrapper/Iframe Wrapper The next box down on the page will now be labeled URL in that box enter the URL to the newsletter. For the parent item Select Newsletter. Do not select the year as that would make the entry you are entereing a Great Grand Child menu item and that is not what is wanted just select Newsletter. the screen will now look like this


 You are done with this step Save and Close

 Reordering the Newsletter items. New menu options are Entered at the of the menu and will need to be rearrainged so that they are under the seperator for the year. Want to set the menu Order to Assending and the number of items set to 100. You will probably find the recently entered item at the bottom of the Newsletter section. Click and drag the item by the three vertica dots at the begining of the menu item listing up the screen to where it needs to be. Check that all items are in the correct order check that the menu aliases are in the correct year.


If you are starting a new year the process is similar to adding a new newsletter read that section for an over view but the following items are changed. The menu title becomes the year int the format yyyy, the menu alias is the year in the format yyyy, the Menu Item Type is System Links/Text Seperator, and the Parent Item remains  Newsletters.

Publish The New Menu Item.

Next we need to publish this menu item This item will show up in the Newsletter Menu but the when you select the new item the newsletter menu will dissapear.  We will fix that next. Select Extensions/Module Manager and then from the displayed list select Newsletter Menu.From a little below the top of the page select the tab Menu Assignment. You will notice under Newsletter any newly added items are not checked while the older items are checked. Check the new items and Save and Close.