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These directions are generic to all of the websites that I have developed, as such there are minor deviations depending on which website you are trying to edit.

To edit an article from the front end go to the menu at the bottom left corner of the Home page. Click on the Login button and enter your user id, password and click the Login button. 

There are two kinds of articles that you can edit once logged in. Normal articles and the text that only appears on the right side column of the front page of some webstes, this coluumn is known as the "Home Page Message" and can be used for different purposes by different websites. If your website has a "Home Page Message" you will notice that an additional item will have been added to the Main Menu near the very beginning with the name "Home Page Message" if that is the page that you want to edit click on the menu option "Home Page Message" and follow the editing instructions that follow the next paragraph.

If you are not editing the "Home Page Message " then use the menus to navigate to the page that you wish to edit.

You will notice that at the upper right corner of the page that you want to edit there is a box like so.
Edit 1

If you click on that box a second box opens up like so. Click on Edit.

Edit Box 2

You will then be brought to a screen like this, the boxes and red arrows have been added for the descriptions that follow.

Editor 1